What Always Goes to Bed With Its Shoes on : Discover the Mysterious Answer

Have you ever wondered what always goes to bed with its shoes on? Well, the answer to this intriguing riddle is a horse. Unlike humans who remove their shoes before going to bed, horses keep their hooves covered at all times.

You might be wondering why horses sleep with their shoes on. The reason for this is that horses have hooves, which are made of keratin – a tough and durable protein. To protect their hooves from wear and tear, horses wear shoes made of metal or synthetic materials.

Just like humans wear shoes to protect their feet, horses wear shoes to protect their hooves. Hoof shoes provide support, prevent cracking, and help maintain the balance and overall health of the horse’s hooves.

Why Do Horses Need Shoes?

Horses are large and powerful animals, and their hooves are their only means of support. Without proper hoof care, horses can develop various hoof problems that can cause pain and lameness. Shoes help keep the hooves in good condition and prevent them from wearing down too quickly on hard surfaces.

Another reason horses wear shoes is to provide additional traction. The metal or synthetic materials used in the shoes have a rough surface that grips the ground, allowing the horse to walk, run, and turn more effectively. This is especially important for performance horses such as racehorses or show jumpers.

What Always Goes to Bed With Its Shoes on  : Discover the Mysterious Answer

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How Are Horse Shoes Applied?

Applying horse shoes requires the expertise of a professional called a farrier. A farrier is a skilled craftsman who specializes in horseshoeing and hoof care. The process of shoeing a horse involves several steps:

  1. Cleaning and trimming the hoof: The farrier starts by cleaning the hoof and trimming excess growth to ensure a proper fit.
  2. Measuring and shaping the shoe: Using specialized tools, the farrier measures the hoof and then shapes the shoes to fit the hoof’s contours.
  3. Hot or cold shoeing: Depending on the farrier’s preference, the shoes can be heated and shaped (hot shoeing) or shaped without heat (cold shoeing).
  4. Fitting and nailing the shoe: The farrier fits the shoe onto the hoof and nails it in place.
  5. Finishing touches: After securing the shoe, the farrier trims the excess nails and files the edges for a smooth finish.

Hoof Care for Horses

Besides wearing shoes, horses require regular hoof care to maintain healthy hooves. This involves routine cleaning, trimming, and checking for any signs of lameness or infection. It is also essential to provide proper nutrition and regular exercise to promote good hoof health.

Additionally, horse owners should work closely with their farriers and equine veterinarians to address any issues related to their horse’s hooves. Regular hoof care appointments should be scheduled to ensure the horse’s well-being and prevent any potential hoof problems.

What Always Goes to Bed With Its Shoes on  : Discover the Mysterious Answer

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Frequently Asked Questions On What Always Goes To Bed With Its Shoes On : Discover The Mysterious Answer

What Sleeps In Its Shoes?

A horse always goes to bed with its shoes on, unlike humans who remove their shoes before sleeping.

What Jumps When It Walks And Sits When It Stands?

A kangaroo is the answer to the riddle “What jumps when it walks and sits when it stands? “

What Is It That No Man Wants To Lose?

No man wants to lose a lawsuit.

What Goes In The Water Black And Comes Red?

A lobster goes in the water black and comes out red.


In conclusion, the answer to the riddle, “What always goes to bed with its shoes on?” is a horse. Horses wear shoes to protect their hooves and provide support and traction. The application of horse shoes requires the expertise of a farrier. Regular hoof care is essential for maintaining healthy hooves and preventing hoof problems. So, the next time you see a horse sleeping, remember that it always goes to bed with its shoes on!

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